Take advantage of a non-stop hotline service to support your business

Our team of professionals offers non-stop operation and support for your business. Every day we resolve reported malfunctions and work with technicians in the field, who provide servicing jobs based on the received requests. The hotline workplace is located in the new Vega data center and offers state-of-the-art technological equipment that is fully backed-up to avoid any operation outages and interruptions.



save on the operation of your own hotline?


be available non-stop to resolve requests online?


your business to the hands of professionals and save money!

WHY should you trust us with the operation of your hotline?

Back-up workplace and operation

Our dispatching center is fully backed-up and connected to a UPS.

Professional team of dispatchers

Non-stop technical and comprehensive service support of experienced dispatchers.

24/7/365 operation

We provide all of our services non-stop, all year long.

Cooperation with technicians in the field

Fast resolution of requests, planning and organization of servicing jobs.

Active monitoring of equipment

Professional supervision tools and configuration of alarm management based on the client’s requirements.

Receipt and resolution of malfunction reports

The service also includes detailed records in the TT system.

Areas we specialize in:

Data centers

Monitoring of ICT networks (telecommunication networks, IT networks, etc.)

Monitoring of industrial technologies

Management and monitoring of traffic intersections and parking meters

Management and monitoring of public and festive lighting

L1 and L2 service for EZS, EPS, cameras, radars, chemical protection, etc.

Communication with the Czech Police, local government and other subjects when resolving requests

Cooperation with TELCO operators in provision of network maintenance

Comprehensive management of IT requests in the TT system

Technical equipment and used systems:

IP telephony 3CX

Full time recording

IVR automatic voice system

Wall-mounted monitoring display modules

MIDS supervision tool

Specialized Geographic Information System

Monitoring systems of equipment and services


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